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DSBC Adult Ministries

The Decatur Sale Barn Church has ministries for adults of all ages and stages in life. The groups meet every few months to socialize and fellowship. 

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College and Career Adults

The college and career adults are adults aged 18-24 who have graduated high school.

Deacon Contact: Joe and Michelle Doty

Phone: 847-274-4598


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Young Adults

The young adults are adults aged 25-39. 

Deacon Contact: Quinten and Janee Parker

Phone: 479-621-3059


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The prime-timer adults are adults aged 40-59. 

Deacon Contact: Mike and Kim Lowe

Phone: 479-531-4480


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Seasoned Adults

The prime-timer adults are adults aged 60+. 

Deacon Contact: 



Upcomin Adult Events
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